No Bake Healthy Granola Recipe with Only 5 Ingredients to Use

Granola is a favourite food of many people for very varied reasons. The weight watchers love it because it makes than full for long hours thus preventing them from eating frequently. Aside from the full stomach feeling, a bar of this treat made from a healthy granola recipe contains very few calories. To the health conscious person who is not so particular about the calorie count, this is good food because of the different benefits provided by the nutritious ingredients. To moms who think of their children’s snacks, flavorful granola bars could be great for the school lunch box. Not only being nutritious, this food is easy to prepare and very inexpensive.
There is a suitable granola recipe for any taste bud. Without concern for the calories in every bar, you can overload it with flavorful ingredients. The ease of preparation counts so much if you are a busy person. You can make it with or without baking because there are baked and no bake granola recipes that you can make use of. Moreover, these healthy treats store well so you do not worry about shelf expiration.

The 5-ingredient healthy granola bar recipe

The simplest healthy granola recipe that I have come across requires only five ingredients. You can prepare this anytime without too much fuss because the ingredients could be available in your pantry and you do not have to bake it – so no messy utensils to clean up after.
The base of these granola bars is dates. Then you have the main ingredient which is oats. The remaining three items in this 5-ingredient healthy granola bar recipe are almonds, honey and peanut butter. You can substitute honey for maple syrup. All you have to do is to put all five ingredients in a bowl and mix together until the dry ingredients are well-coated with honey. Press the mixture in a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Set in the freezer for a few minutes to harden before you cut into bars.
For more details of this recipe, you can take note of the quantity of each of the ingredients to come up with 10 bars. Dates is one cup, cut into small pieces, 1 ½ cups rolled oats, ¼ cup peanut butter, choose the creamy salty version, 1 cup unsalted chopped almonds and ¼ cup honey.

Nutrition facts in these healthy homemade granola bars

healthy granola recipe
The nutrition facts of a bar of these healthy homemade granola snacks are roughly estimated. The total number of calories is 217. Eating a bar, you will ingest 8 grams of fats, of which only 1 gram is saturated fats, 31 gram carbohydrates, 6 grams protein, 4 grams fiber and 19 grams sugar.
The amount of carbohydrates and sugar in a bar may suffice to provide you energy. You feel full because of the fiber and proteins. This is good for the heart because the saturated fat is at a very low level.

Creativity in this easy granola recipe

This is indeed a very easy granola recipe. Aside from using only very few ingredients, the preparation time is very short. You will have to heat your honey cum peanut butter for 5 minutes. Then mixing all five ingredients and pressing the mixture in a cookie sheet may take 10 minutes. The total time of preparation is 15 minutes. Add a few minutes for the freezing.
You can make modifications with this easy healthy granola recipe. You can do away with peanut butter and replace this with another seed or nut butter. If you want it gluten free, you can use GF oats. And if you want it to be vegan, be sure to use maple syrup and not honey. If you want to add more flavor, add some amount of pumpkin or sunflower seeds, dried fruits and chocolate chips.
These snack bars made from a 5-ingredient healthy granola recipe are sweet and have crunchy texture. Sticking to the basic recipe, you will find how the peanut butter complements the honey to come up with a palatable taste that is very ideal for snack or breakfast. The healthy homemade granola bars are very portable so you can just place one in a zip lock plastic and take the bar to school or office.

Healthy Granola Recipe Ingredients and Benefits of Granola

Granola is definitely a deliciously nutritious snack and a lot of people crave for the healthy flavors of granola bars. The commercial granolas are available in food and delicacy stores but there is no better way to have a bite of this marvellous food than to produce it from your own kitchen. Yes, making granola bars is easy – and you can already produce a tasty variety with a basic healthy granola recipe that is available in the internet.
Because the granola bars are now produced commercially, there arise some controversies as to the efficacy of this food for people in the weight loss regimen. It has been considered by other as junk food, primarily because of the high calories emanating from too much sugar and fats. To make it a tasty and healthy snack, the purpose for which it was originally intended for, prepare homemade granola bars. The healthiness of this snack may come from the healthy ingredients that you use.
Granola bars and healthy granola recipe
Granola bars are typical kinds of snacks or desserts. They are nutritious and considered as energy food. These may be typified as a delicacy because of the variety of ingredients. Or it can be [...] Continue Reading…

A Way to Make Healthy Food via Simple Healthy Granola Recipe

Granola bars are superb food for any time of the day. You can grab a bar for your healthy breakfast-on-the-go, a snack or a lunch box treat. Searching the internet, you will find one homemade healthy granola recipe that suits your palate and home baking capability.
Granola bars are unlike the ordinary sweet dessert. This is nutritious with great taste but sin too much calories. Making them at home makes them tastier and healthier as you can choose your ingredients and their quantity for the desired calories. And homemade bars are less expensive.
If you have never tried making these healthy snacks, you will be surprised how easy it is to make and follow any healthy granola recipe. Anybody can make it from scratch. Once you get hold of a basic healthy granola bar recipe, you are bound to be an expert in making a delicious healthy food. And you can opt to bake or not your granola bars as there are recipes to do both ways.
Basic healthy granola recipe
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2 Different Ways to Prepare One Healthy Granola Recipe

Granola is a very versatile food. It can be served at breakfast or can be a dessert or a healthy snack. The ingredients of a healthy granola recipe make it a kind of energy food that can be eaten by anyone, even those who are observing weight loss diet.
Granola can really be a healthy food when it is made with nutritious ingredients. Because of its popularity, you are able to buy it ready-to-eat, commercially produced at that. This type may not be healthy when loaded with sugar, oil and fats that fill it with calories. However, the good thing with this energy food is that you can have a healthy choice by preparing it in your own kitchen. You can then cut off some of the sugar and fats and come out with a kind of food that provides your body with protein, energy and fiber. Having it for breakfast will start your day right.
Searching the internet, you will find different versions of healthy granola recipe. It is now up to you to pick the recipe that has your desired ingredients or one that is easy to prepare. I will be providing you with one recipe that can be [...] Continue Reading…